White Rock North School

The Corner Cottage for Infants

The Corner Cottage is a unique infant and toddler program on the White Rock North School campus. We are honored that you have invested your confidence in us to educate and nurture your newest family member. Your little one is well on his way to a great education that starts with all of the tenderness and love our staff provides. We look forward to sharing in your child’s wondrous exploration of the world around him and continuing along this journey with him through the completion of the 6th grade.

True quality care facilitates your child’s fundamental needs in a clean, safe environment. However, in addition to that our staff will stimulate his cognitive, social and emotional needs. We want to be your partner in this precious journey of life. Please know that our staff is available to assist you in any way at any time.

White Rock North School continues to be an outstanding model of excellence in education because of our committed faculty and parents like you. Thank you for your dedication and loyalty to this school, it’s students, and it’s philosophy on educating the minds of tomorrow.

What makes the Corner Cottage different?

Our CurriculumOur Staff
Cognitive Development
Emotional Support
Social Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Gross Motor Skills
Auditory Discrimination
Sensory Motor Stimulation