White Rock North School

A New Focus for White Rock North School

We are so excited to be offering expanded services for students with learning differences. We will be focusing on AD/HD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Speech and Language difficulties. We we have experienced, state-certified teachers and specialists to support and encourage student learning, but we also provide an array of additional activities for Multiple Intelligences learning! We have roller skating, swimming, daily PE, student gardens, so the children can harvest their food for lunch, as well as livestock animals that the children care for. Come and visit our beautiful campus! We promise… there’s no other school in Dallas like White Rock North School!!

Basics & Beyond

At White Rock North School, dedication to learning is first and foremost––but it is never boring, never mundane. Our academically strong curriculum builds a solid base of education, emphasizing core disciplines supported by integrated activities:

– Language Arts including grade school accelerated reading programs
– Mathematics
– Science
– Information Technology–fully-equipped computer lab
– Social Sciences
– Environmental Education
– Health/Safety/Physical Education–onsite swimming and skating
– Fine Arts–including music, art, drama and dance
– Spanish

Small Classes

Each Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade Level class is led by a degreed professional–a fact that sets us apart from many local private schools. And our low student to teacher ratios afford your child every opportunity to achieve academic excellence.