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Ms. Drake:

Per our conversation this morning, I wanted to let you know in writing that the T– family will soon be relocating to San Antonio, and Asa will no longer attend White Rock North School. . . This move was not anticipated and it is with a heavy heart that we must leave our beloved Lake Highlands.  It is also hard leaving such a wonderful school and feel certain it will be difficult to find something as wonderful when we move.  You guys have set the bar high.  Your facilities and opportunities for Ace were wonderful, and we enjoyed Ms. Kim and all of the staff we worked with over the past year.  Most importantly, Ace has never ceased to amaze us with what he has learned at school.  For that, we will forever be grateful.  Keep up the good work, and we will continue to serve as a great reference for WRNS.

The T– Family 

Dear Mary,

Hopefully you know that you have salvaged this neighbor from disaster with your purchase of the adjoining land. I shudder to think what could have happened to those precious children with a sidewalk running right beside your school. You have no idea how grateful I am to you. Am delighted you are making a parking lot and playground.

In addition, I must add that I hear your school is the best one in North Dallas. Am not surprised because it was the creme de la creme in Jim’s day.

Thank you more than you know.


Dear White Rock North Staff,

It’s hard to believe the G– family will not be with you anymore. We have so enjoyed being part of your school and are grateful for everything you’ve done to educate and nurture Scott and Caroline over the years. Thank you for everything!

A. & W. G.

Dear Mrs. Mary Adams,

I want to thank you for the entire wonderful job you have done with White Rock North School. It is a great place and have the best, friendly and helpful staff. Our son David had a great summer camp, all the teachers, activities and field trips were awesome, but the most important factor was the friendly welcome everyday. The staff on the front desk is very nice, especially Mr. Robert. He was always there taking care of things.

I also want to congratulate you on buying the lot next to the school. That is a relief for our neighborhood. I know you are going to use this lot for a great cause. I wish you the best luck on all your plans.

Thanks so much, 
H. & A. H.